Maanaveeyam Veedhi


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Maanaveeyam Veedhi

What was once an inconspicuous side street has, over the years, grown to become an important cultural hub and space frequently used by local artist and performers to put on a varying array of shows. It's one of the city's coolest hangout spots, and especially so on Sunday evenings. Mind, however, that Maanaveeyam Veedhi is also known to be frequented by street racers, and although street racing isn't exactly allowed, it still takes place here between 5pm and 2am on some nights. Injuries have been reported, so please do take precaution.

Bars & Nightlife

Trivandrum admittedly has rather scarce evening entertainment, but a few after-hour establishments do exist, even beyond hotel restaurants and bars alone. Keep in mind that most places that sell alcoholic drinks outside of upscale hotels are only allowed to serve wine and beer, leaving hotel-adjacent bars to monopolise strong liquor and cocktails. In the evenings, many head to nearby Shangumugham or, slightly further afield, Kovalam beach.