Villa Maya


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Villa Maya

One of the finest dining experiences in Kerala (and, according to some rankings, all of India), Villa Maya is an exquisite restaurant occupying a beautiful colonial mansion. The culinary emphasis is on elevated Keralan specialities, with a focus on seafood. Seating available inside the well-kept building or outside in private courtyard gazebos.


The state of Kerala is famously referred to as "the land of spices", which is reflected in the local cuisine that makes generous use of turmeric, pepper, cardamon, nutmeg, ginger, and many other. A culinary experience not to miss is the sadya spread: a meal served on banana leaf, traditionally eaten by hand, which consists of rice and a variety of curries, along with dessert. Keralan cuisine is also famously not limited to vegetarian only, with various meats and fish represented across a plethora of dishes.